We believe that providing plants of the highest quality is what sets us apart from other suppliers in this industry. Our plants represent us.


Our staff has decades of experience working with the variety of plants we produce, our extensive knowledge is one of the reasons why we are master growers.


Our clients are the only reason we are in business. We never forget this fact and do our best for them every time.

Customer Satisfaction



In this very competitive industry we have chosen to focus on what is important. For us, what is important is producing plants of the highest quality, our clients and their satisfaction. We owe our clients the continued success of our business in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area, it is for them that we make sure to never waver in our commitment to excellence.

Secondly, our continued success is also a result of us hiring and keeping amazing employees that feel like family. We are a family owned business and our staff take care of the plants and our business as if it were their own. We believe that if we provide a great work environment and assist our staff in growing as much as we do then we are truly a successful business.

Lastly, we hold our integrity as being very valuable and aspire to stay a positive pillar of strength in our own and neighbouring communities namely Brantford, Cambridge, Waterdown, Ancaster and Dundas.


The business world of Landscaping is extremely fast paced as we live in a country that is growing by leaps and bounds with constant developments and renovations. Unfortunately, because of this growth we have lost some of the most important aspects and quality that used to be the primary focus of this business.

That is why Amazing Earth Nursery makes the time for our clients and guarantee the quality of our plants. We want our clients to know that when you deal with Amazing Earth Nursery it is not business as usual. We take the time necessary not only to produce the best plants, but also to get to know our clients and provide them with an atmosphere conducive to their needs. We encourage our clients to speak freely with us so that we can make sure that their expectations are met and exceeded.


We guarantee the quality of our plants, we give our clients 90 Days guarantee when purchasing certain quantities of plants. We offer a 10% Lower Price Guarantee! This means that we will beat any competitor price by at least 10% if our prices are not already lower. We provide excellent Customer Service, a satisfied client is our greatest asset. As our business continues to grow we want to be known for these values: Quality Plants, Excellent Service, and Affordable Prices.



Herbaceous perennials are plants having stems and leaves that die in late fall but whose roots live for many years.


Because of their color, texture and movement, ornamental grasses are wonderful additions to any landscape.

Tree & Shrub

Trees provide essential structure and lay the framework for your landscape.


Conifers are cone-bearing, woody seed plants, mostly trees and mostly evergreen, characterized by their attractive conical shape. They are so varied that they can suit every garden, no matter how small.

Fruit & Vegetable

Growing Fruits and Vegetable has become very popular and rewarding for most gardeners nowadays. You just can't beat home grown produce for flavour and freshness. No matter what size the garden is it is always possible to grow some of one's favourite fruits and vegetable.


Ferns date to prehistoric times, placing them among the among the oldest living plants on earth. Once established, they live for many years, and unlike other types of plants, they create more of their own kind by means of spores rather than seeds or pollen.

Plenty More




We started our Nursery to provide the highest quality plants in the marketplace, as well as to provide superior customer service. We want to be an example and set a higher standard for the industry. We are a family owned business and do not believe in taking established success for granted.

Plant Quality
Customer Service
Lowest Prices in the Industry



Best Quality Perennials I purchased in the last 5 years, I can tell Amazing Earth Nursery plants are well cared for, and they also give a guarantee on their plants, no one else can or does that. I will be buying all my perennials from them.

John Dutrie

WellStagers / Owner
We already have our regular supplier nursery we have been buying for the last 5-6 years, however Amazing earth nursery gave us a call and asked us to try them out, so we purchased about 20% of our plants from them. We were surprised to find all their plant quality was superior to any of the plants I purchased from my regular supplier, plus they were cheaper with and they guarantee their plants too, and on top of that they delivered our order. These guys are great.

Katlin Polardo

VT Gardens / Manager
Plants excellent quality, Service was excellent and prices are also excellent.


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